• I can’t find the game I want to add

    Although Trade n Play has a database of over 15,000 games, there could be a game that escaped our hunting. If that’s the case, please let us know and we will add it to the database.

  • Can I delete a game from my game library

    No. At the moment we don’t allow games from your game library to be deleted. This feature is in the works and will be released soon.

  • Can I add games from different platforms?

    Yes. Simply select the platform in the add new game screen.

  • How do I search for games farther than 500km from my location?

    You can change your location any time by simply going to Me > Settings (top left cog icon) > My location. Once you change your location, the search will show you games within 500km from your new location.


  • Can I offer more than one game per trade?

    No. At the moment we only allow selecting one game per exchange. Please let us know if you would like this feature added to the app.

  • Can I trade games from different platforms?

    Yes. For instance, a user may list a Playstation 4 game but you can select any of your games to offer in exchange, even from a platform other than PS4.

  • I have made a trade offer but the other gamer hasn’t accepted it. What happens now?

    When you make a trade offer, the other gamer has 24 hours to accept or reject it. If the gamer rejects your offer, you get 20 coins refunded back in your account.

  • My offer was accepted. What happens now?

    Now the chat is open for you to talk with the other gamer and arrange the game swapping. If the exchange is done successfully in real life, then go back to the trade screen and tap “Complete”. Once you and the other gamer have marked the trade as “complete”, then your game is automatically added to the other gamer library, and his game is added to yours.


  • How do I give a feedback to another gamer after a trade is completed?

    Once you and the other gamer complete a trade, you will see the button “Place feedback” on the “Completed” trades tab under “My Games”. You can also place feedback from the chat screen. Go to Messages, select the user you wish to place a feedback, tap the “User action” icon on the top right and “Place feedback”.

  • How do I get more coins?

    You can either purchase a set of coins or get free coins by watching video ads. You can watch one video per 24 hours period and each video ad gives you 10 coins.