Welcome to your new video game collection.

Trade n Play is a real game changer. A video game trading app that lets you find gamers nearby, check their game libraries and exchange your PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC games.


Your new games are just around the corner.

Find gamers nearby, check their game libraries and trade.

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A real game changer.

When you find the game you like, simply select a game from your list and make an offer.

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Your video game collection, renewed.

Add your games, trade and have always something new to play.

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How Trade n Play works

You are a few taps away from renewing your entire game collection.

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Add your games

Before making a trade offer, you have to add your own games. Select from over 15,000 games from any console: PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo or PC.

Search, chat and trade

Once you find the game you want, select one of the games from your list and make an offer. Offers have 24 hours to be accepted or rejected. Trade accepted? Chat and arrange the game swap.

Coins = game trades

To make or accept a trade offer, you must have at least 20 coins in your account. You can either purchase or get free coins. Exchanging your games is now fun, cheap and easier than ever!

Trade and Be awesome

Once you complete a video game exchange, give the other gamer a feedback to help maintain a trustworthy and active game trading community.

Complete a game trade in less than 24h. Promise.

Once you send or receive a trade offer, you have 24 hours to accept or reject the trade. Gamers receive a notification that their offer has been accepted. Then all you have to do is chat, arrange a place to meet and trade.

Download and Make an offer
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Gamers around the world are loving their new games!

  • I used to take my old games to video game stores like GameStop and get $5 for a game that I had paid $70. Now I have been getting games for the same value.

    Bruno Baptistella
    Playstation 4 Gamer in New Zealand
  • I quickly found the games I wanted, scored awesome trades and also made new friends. I also found my new favorite app!

    Arthur Branco
    XBOX ONE Gamer in Australia
  • Games in Brazil are really expensive. Trade n Play allowed me to exchange my PS4 games for new ones without spending a fortune.

    Carlos Madu
    Playstation 4 Gamer in Brazil

Game on!

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